The Project WINSBIT.COM is a Service for Cryptocourrency players. Right here everyone can try his luck and get awesome profit :).


1.1 What games are there in the project?

Classic Game – the game for those who like playing for the high stakes. Those wishing to try their luck place a bet on a general deposit that is raffled among players at the end of a round.

1.2 How to take part in the game?

1) Sign in.
2) Make a deposit in your profile.
3) Select the game, place a bet and try your luck!

1.3. What are the max and min bets?

Min bet: 1 WINSCOIN | Max. bet: NO LIMIT

1.4 How many bets can be placed per one round?

No limit

1.5 How long is one round?

Time: 1.30 minute

1.6 What is Referral?

There is a Referral Program in our Project. You get WinsCoins for every invited active player. 1 Active Player (Make 5 bet's and more) - 5 WinsCoins